Homemade healthy pizza,

Yup and delicious too.
Joe Wicks its a 10/10😍

65g self-raising flour
65g full fat greek yoghurt
1 tsp baking powder
A pinch of salt
1/2 red onion, sliced
1 egg
1 rasher bacon, fat removed and chopped
2 tsps chives chopped
50ml passata
2 tsps dried oregano
3 mushrooms, sliced

15g mozzarella cheese, grated

2 tsps fresh chives chopped

In a large bowl, mix together the yoghurt, salt, baking powder and self-raising flour until it forms a dough ball.
Add a little flour to a clean work surface and using a rolling pin, roll out into a circle.
Place into a dry fry pan over medium heat and cook for a couple of minutes on each side until browned and crisp.
Spread over the passata, then sprinkle the dried oregano on top.
Add the bacon, red onion, mushrooms, chives and mozzarella.
Make a well in the centre and crack in the egg.
Season with salt and cracked black pepper.
Cook until the egg is soft but cooked through around 20 minutes.

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