Lamb Shanks with Parmesan and Chive Polenta


8 small lamb shanks (4 medium)
Plain flour
4 carrots, chopped
2 leeks, washed and sliced
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons olive oil
6 garlic cloves, crushed
500l red wine
250ml chicken stock
2 x 400g tins diced tomatoes
4 sprigs fresh thyme
170g polenta
60g parmesan cheese, grated
25g gives, chopped
25g butter

Preheat the oven to 180°C
Place 100g plain flour into a bowl and season with salt and pepper. Repeat with all the shanks.
In a large ovenproof pan, using the 2 tablespoons olive oil, brown the shanks. Remove from the pan, add a little more olive oil and fry off the garlic, leeks and carrots until softened.
Add 2 tablespoons plain flour over the vegetables and mix to combine.
Place the lamb shanks back in and add the wine, chicken stock, diced tomatoes and fresh thyme. Stir to combine.
Place the lid on and bake for 3 1/2 to 4 hours until the lamb is falling off the bone and the sauce has thickened.

To make the polenta, in a large saucepan add the 1.25l chicken stock and bring to the boil, add the polenta in a steady stream and stir continuously for 5 minutes until it is thickened and the polenta is soft.
Remove from the heat, add the butter, parmesan and chives.

This dish is hard to make look pretty, but what it lacks in presentation, it makes up for in taste.

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