Apple Pie Samosas

3 granny smith apples, peeled and chopped small
100g sultanas
50g caster sugar
2 teaspoons mixed spice

1.5 cups plain flour
2 tablespoons olive oil or ghee

In a saucepan add the apples, sultanas, sugar and mixed spice with 3 tablespoons water.
Cook on medium heat with the lid on and cook until the apples are soft and the water has evaporated. Place in a bowl and leave to cool.
To make the pastry add the flour and olive oil in to a bowl, rub in with your finger tips until all the flour is coated.
Add 3 tablespoons of water and mix until a tough dough forms. Add more water 1 tablespoon at a time until the dough is formed. Knead for a few minutes until smooth and pliable and wrap in cling to rest for 30 minutes on the work surface, not the fridge.
Divide into 8 equal pieces, then roll into a rectangular shape same as the vegetable samosas. Chop in half and add water along the edge. Roll into a cone shape and fill with the cooled apple mixture.
Seal with water. See photos.
Deep fry in vegetable or canola oil, drain on kitchen towel and serve with a dusting of icing sugar, or make it more special by adding double cream, ice cream or both.

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