Sauerkraut is a fabulous accompaniment in so many things. I love it in a sandwhich or with cold meats as part of a salad, to be honest if done well it doesn’t need anything at all and I am happy eating it out of the jar with a fork😉There are so many recipes out there and everyone loves their own. This is the way I was taught to do it by a German friend of mine and it never disappoints.You need 3 things
1. White or red cabbage, thinly sliced
2. Salt
3. PatienceI add fennel and cumin seeds too but that is personal taste so leave it out if preferred.Sterilise your airtight jars and have them ready to go.Method
Chop your cabbage to the desired thickness, keep 2 to 3 leaves and set aside.
Weigh the chopped cabbage and then to get the right salt amount x the weight of the cabbage by .02 so 1556g x .02 = 36g salt.
In a very large bowl add the cabbage and salt and using your hands massage and squeeze the cabbage until the water starts to release. This can take 10 to 15 minutes.
Once you have finished add the cabbage into your prepared jars a little at a time pushing the cabbage under the liquid produced each time until the jar is full. You must ensure it is tightly packed and the cabbage is totally underneath the liquid. Add the fennel and cumin now if using them.
Use a clean cabbage leaf or cling film to provide a seal and add the lid. Store in room temperature out of direct sunlight.
You must “burp it every day in the morning and at night, this means remove the lid for a few seconds to release any gases that have built up. This must be done twice daily for 2 weeks.
Once the 2 weeks is up you can eat it and store in the fridge.You can now buy special jars with built in tubes to release gases rather than having to burp it, but I quite like this part. 😊

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