Pink Rose Pavlova

6 egg whites
375g caster sugar
600ml whipping cream
2 1/2 tsp cornflour
2 tsp white vinegar
Pink gel food colouring
Dragon fruit


Preheat the oven to 180°C and line a baking tray with wax paper, use a little meringue mix to stick the wax paper down.
Use paper towel to wipe around your bowl and whisk to remove any residual grease that you cat see. This part is important so don’t skip it.

Add the egg whites to the bowl of your stand mixer and start on medium until bubbles form then increase to high speed until the egg whites become white and thickened. Add the cornflour and vinegar. Add a tablespoon of sugar at a time until it has all been added, it will be thick and shiny but continue to mix on high until you can rub a little of the mixture between your fingers and it is completely smooth with no sugar granules. This takes 6 to 8 minutes.
Once smooth, reduce the speed and add the pink gel colour a drop at a time until you have the colour you want.
Pour the mixture onto the prepared tray and shape into a circle with a dip in the middle.
Place into the oven and reduce the heat to 150°C for 1 hour.
Turn the oven off, without opening the door, leave in there to cool completely.

Whip the cream to soft peaks and add the rosewater a drop at a time. This is important as it is a strong flavour and you only want to be able to just taste it. Too much will ruin the meringue so taste as you go.
Slice the fruit and tap out the pomegranate seeds.

To assemble, remove the wax paper and place onto a serving platter. Add the cream into the centre and spread to fill the space. Arrange the fruit and then sprinkle with the pomegranate seeds.

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